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Location:New York, United States of America

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ac/dc, adventure, alan rickman, aliens, amy lee, backpacking cross country, bbc, biokinesis, books, bravery, breaking bejamin, breaking benjamin, british television, camping, captain jack harkness, cardiff, celtic woman, chocolate, christmas, circle of magic series, coldplay, cos play, countryside, cryokinesis, david tennant, dean winchester, defending the earth, discworld novels, doctor who, dorothy parker, dreams, due south, ecofeminism, elliot minor, elves, environment, enya, europe, evanescence, faeries, fairies, fan fiction, fanfic, feminists, flowers, franz ferdinand, freema agyeman, gallifrey, glass hammer, god, gothic, goths, granola, guitar, half-blood prince, halloween, harry potter, heaven, heroes, j.r.r. tolkien, jack/martha, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jesus, k9, keane, kings of leon, knitting, layla/warren, legolas greenleaf, lily allen, london, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, love, martha jones, metallicar, moonlight, mother earth, movies, music (all kinds), mythology, nature, new worlds, norah jones, oxford, oxfordshire, pirates, plants, playing guitar, poetry, primark, punk rock, pyrokinesis, reading, renaissance faire, rincewind, rose tyler, sainsburys, sam winchester, sateda, saving the world, seal, severus snape, shipping, sky high, snape fiction, snapecast, sonic screwdriver, soundtracks, space and time, space/time continuum, stargate atlantis, stars, steven strait, stormy weather, supernatural, supernatural novels, tardis, tea and honey, team tardis, teas, ten/martha, ten/martha/jack, terry pratchett, the ancients, the aquabats!, the hobbit, the infinite quest, the lays of beleriand, the sea, the sun, the weepies, the wombats, thunderstorms, time lords, time travel, torchwood, trading yesterday, travelling, universe, warren peace, warren/layla, werewolves, women's liberation, writing fan fic and stories, yarn
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